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Drug and Alcohol Testing

We offer consistent and convenient testing that allows our clients to place the right person in the right job, increase worker productivity and reduce WorkSafe BC claims and onsite incidents.

Drug and alcohol tests will be performed with the highest standards and strictest confidentiality ensuring the worker is treated with respect in all sensitive situations.

To ensure the reliability of tests, our collection technician (LL Compliance Testing) and LAB testing services (Dynacare and Canadian MRO Services) are certified in DOT and NON-DOT procedures for both Alcohol and Drug screening. Our technicians are also trained and certified in the breathalyzer equipment used. They understand the importance of getting accurate results and ensure proper procedures are followed for breath alcohol testing.  

 The MRO process provides Quality Assurance that each step of the Collection, Laboratory testing and resulting process confirm that the appropriate tests were run and that all the information on the results match what was provided on the form by the donor and the collector.

Audio-Metric Testing

Audio-Metric testing is an evaluation of a person's ability to hear.

The KVI Safety Audio-Metric Testing program helps employers comply with Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Legislation by ensuring valid and standardized equipment is utilized and proper procedures are followed.

Under section 7.8 of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, employers in British Columbia must ensure that hearing tests are administered to workers only by hearing testers (Industrial Audiometric Technicians, or IAT’s) who are authorized by WorkSafeBC.

When employees are exposed to 85 decibels or greater over an 8hr shift the OHS regulation states that Employers must have a hearing conservation program in place. Two important elements of such a program are Hearing Protection and annual hearing tests.

Key benefits of having your employees' hearing tested are:

  • Workers are consulted on Hearing Protection Devices (HPD’s).
    • Correct use and maintenance of HPD’s
    • Understand the different classifications of HPD’s
  • Workers are issued a personal wallet card of their results.
  • Employers receive a copy of the test results for their record-keeping

Our certified technicians are authorized to conduct Industrial hearing tests under the British Columbia Occupational Health & Safety Regulation

Contact us today at (778) 631-2090 or safetyadmin@kves.ca to book your appointment.

Qualitative Respirator Mask Fit Testing

A MASK IS ONLY AS GOOD AS IT’S FIT… Get your mask fitted!

Respirator fit testing ensures that workers are wearing the proper mask size and type for the shape of their face and head. If a worker’s respirator doesn’t seal properly, there’s no certainty it is providing the expected protection. Section 8.40 (4) of the OH&S regulation stipulates in part: that fit testing of employees must occur at least annually or whenever a different size, style, make or model of respirator is used, and when any physical change occurs that could affect fit (ie: significant weight fluctuation, dental work, or other facial changes).

Provide your respirator and we will test the fit and recommend alternatives based on the seal of the mask during testing.

Or, we can fit-test you with one of the make/Models that we have on hand

  • Workers will receive a card with the exact make, model, and size recommended.
  • Employer will receive a copy of Test results for their record keeping.
  • Notification or reminder of the annual test due date is part of our service.

Contact us today at (778) 631-2090 or safetyadmin@kves.ca to book your appointment.

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