Our Team

Carrie McKay

Interim Executive Director & Corporate Training Manager


Carrie McKay, equipped with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Trent University and a Certification in Teaching the Adult Learner from Mohawk College, serves in a dual capacity at the Kitamaat Valley Education Society. She currently holds the positions of Interim Executive Director and Corporate Training Manager. With a diverse career spanning various sectors, including corporate, entrepreneurship, and not-for-profit, Carrie's unwavering passion for the past two decades has revolved around nurturing relationships, coaching and mentoring individuals, and facilitating the discovery of sustainable career paths through education and training.

Chris Gielens

HSSE Manager & Project Coordinator
250-639-0688 or Cell 250-639-0688


Chris Gielens, as the HSSE Manager and Project Coordinator at Kitamaat Valley Education Society, brings a wealth of expertise and specialized skills to elevate your service. With a strong foundation in health, safety, security, and environment management, Chris excels in crafting customized safety programs tailored specifically for your site or business, ensuring the highest standards of operational safety are met.
Drawing from over 16 years of hands-on experience in HSSE and a deep understanding of safety protocols, Chris provides invaluable guidance at the KVI Campus. His extensive knowledge and practical insights contribute to the development and implementation of robust safety strategies, fostering a secure environment for all stakeholders.
Beyond safety management, Chris offers additional support in securing project funding through adept grant writing. His proficiency in this area enables clients to access necessary funds, propelling projects forward while ensuring compliance with stringent safety standards.
With Chris's dedicated support and strategic guidance, you can navigate safety protocols, project coordination, and funding procurement with confidence and efficiency. His commitment to excellence and comprehensive approach ensures the seamless integration of safety measures and project success.

Mike Hannon

Interim Director of Operations & Human Resources Manager


Mike, a certified HR professional with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Management from UNBC, leads our HR division. With expertise in HR consulting and employment agency services, he specializes in customizing solutions for your specific needs.
His skills streamline HR processes, foster positive workplace cultures, and optimize talent acquisition. From recruitment to compliance, Mike ensures efficient, compliant HR practices tailored to your objectives.
He offers personalized solutions for staffing, workforce planning, HR policies, and employee training. As a strategic partner, Mike helps nurture growth, productivity, and long-term success within your organization.
Leveraging his expertise, Mike provides proactive solutions for your HR challenges, empowering your organization to thrive while focusing on core objectives. Partner with us to customize services and elevate your human capital and operational efficiency.

Liliana Santos

Finance Manager


Liliana holds the crucial position of Finance Manager at KVES, where her responsibilities encompass overseeing the entire finance department. Her expertise and leadership are instrumental in ensuring the financial health and stability of the organization. Although her primary role involves the management and strategic direction of financial operations, Liliana is always willing and eager to assist with any financial inquiry or concern you may have.

Darlene Campbell

HR Specialist


Darlene, a dedicated member of our HR team, is here to provide support and solutions for a wide range of issues and situations that both internal and external employees may encounter. She serves as the primary point of contact for Employment Agency client relations, ensuring a seamless and positive experience.
Feel free to reach out to Darlene for assistance with various matters, including but not limited to timesheets, benefits, leave requests, contract renewals, onboarding processes, policy interpretation, and forms requests. Her motto, "I'm always happy to help," reflects her commitment to ensuring that your HR-related needs are met with enthusiasm and efficiency.

Luna Zhang

Associate Registrar


Luna Zhang, who relocated from Shanghai, China to Kitimat in 2011, has served as the KVES Associate Registrar since 2018. Her background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and a Diploma in Business Administration, which equip her with the necessary skills to effectively assist both students and corporate clients seeking training services. Luna is enthusiastic about the opportunity to provide support for your training needs at KVES.

Will Gye

Business Development


Will is your go-to resource for all things related to recruitment and human resources (HR). As a Certified Professional in Human Resources (CPHR), he possesses the expertise and experience necessary to assist businesses in sourcing the ideal candidates from the local community to fulfill their employment requirements. Whether you're seeking to build a dynamic team or address HR challenges, Will is committed to providing tailored solutions that align with your organization's goals and values. His dedication to fostering a harmonious partnership between businesses and the local community sets the stage for long-term success and mutual growth. Count on Will to navigate the complexities of recruitment and HR with a focus on finding the perfect fit for your organization.

Val Little

Occupational Testing Technician & Site Team Lead


Val is here to offer a range of essential services designed to make your life easier. If you need a hearing test, mask fitting, or drug and alcohol clearances, Val has you covered. Additionally, she specializes in organizing and efficiently managing your digital management system, freeing you up to focus on your core business operations. Let Val handle these crucial tasks, allowing you to excel in what you do best – running your business successfully and seamlessly.

Shelley Bolton



Shelley Bolton serves as the Haisla Community Coordinator within the esteemed Haisla Nation Council. Her role is pivotal in leading individuals on a captivating journey through the intricate learnings and interconnectedness entrenched within the history of the Haisla people. Utilizing the profound mediums of song, storytelling, and the traditional x̄á'isla language, Shelley adeptly imparts the cultural heritage and rich legacy of the Haisla community to all who engage with her teachings.

Nick Mavros



With over 35 years of dedicated service at Rio Tinto, Nick Mavros has gained invaluable experience and expertise that he now passionately shares as an instructor for KVES. In addition to his primary role, Nick steps up as a relief supervisor, showcasing his adaptability and leadership skills. Outside the professional sphere, Nick dons the hat of a part-time automotive mechanic, demonstrating his versatility and hands-on approach. Family forms the core of Nick's world, being a loving husband, a father to three, and a doting grandfather to five cherished grandchildren. Through the tapestry of his professional and personal life, Nick stands as a beacon of dedication, knowledge, and family values.

Dianna Roth



Dianna, a seasoned Red Seal Journeyman Welder with two decades of experience, brings profound expertise to the local industry. Her engagement in the Leaders in Trades (LIT) program demonstrates her dedication to guiding newcomers in the industrial field. Beyond imparting welding skills, Dianna prioritizes on-site safety, ensuring aspiring individuals are well-prepared for success in the industry. Her mentorship emphasizes safety protocols, equipping professionals with essential tools for secure navigation in industrial settings. Dianna's guidance fosters a safety-oriented mindset crucial for industry triumph. Her tutelage becomes a gateway to industry proficiency, steering individuals towards prosperous and secure careers.

Kevin Howell



Kevin is a highly accomplished HSE professional with extensive experience at Rio Tinto, excelling in safety investigations, contractor management, and regulatory compliance. As a Zero Harm committee member, he fosters personal engagement in HSE, consistently raising the bar for excellence. Beyond work, Kevin actively serves the community, contributing on boards and coaching sports teams. Kevin is enthusiastic about collaborating with you to address your diverse HSE needs, with a particular focus on AR/VR/XR technologies.

Terri Smith

Recruiting & Training Admin

Jolene Stewart

HR Recruiter


As a HR Recruiter, Jolene Stewart brings 12 years of HR experience to the KVES Employment Agency, bringing invaluable experience and expertise to her role. Hailing proudly from the Haisla Nation, she has seamlessly integrated her background into her professional journey. Jolene's career highlights include serving as an Aboriginal Liaison for a significant Joint Venture within the Haisla Nations, where she played a pivotal role in fostering community relations. Additionally, she boasts a commendable two-year stint as an HR Manager, honing her leadership skills and strategic HR insights.
Joining the KVES team in 2020. Her dedication, coupled with her profound understanding of HR dynamics, continues to drive the agency's success in sourcing top-tier talent.

Debbie Scott

Finance Assitant


Debbie plays a crucial role within our Finance Team, focusing on Accounts Payable and Payroll management. Her expertise also extends to maintaining and updating our digital filing system, guaranteeing streamlined financial operations and well-organized records. Feel free to reach out to Debbie for assistance today.

Jodi Johnson

Finance Assistant


Jodi, a member of the finance team, handles a range of tasks. She collaborates with KVI Safety, managing invoice processing and database entries. Jodi also supports the Corporate Training team by converting sales orders and communicating with clients. She monitors the Finances inbox and handles monthly bank statement reconciliation and credit card payments.

Lorri Sommerfeld

Finance Assistant


Lorri is a dedicated Finance Assistant at KVES, committed to providing exceptional support in managing payments and invoicing related to the services KVES offers to you. With her expertise and willingness to assist, Lorri ensures that financial transactions are smooth and efficient, allowing you to focus on your core objectives. Don't hesitate to reach out to Lorri for any financial assistance you may need; she's here to help.

Bobbi Cross


Jill Pimlott


Elizabeth MacDonald


Don Morrison


Esther Pretulac


Mary Murphy


Morgan Reese-Hansen

Instructor / Maintenance Coordinator

Robert (Bob) Doherty

Maintenance Coordinator

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