Our Brand

The ge I"wa, which means 'canoe', is a historical symbol for the Haisla people. In earlier times the canoe was used for transportation during hunting, fishing, and visiting. The mountains across from the Kitamaat Village had the outline of a ge I"wa bottom that was used as a marker. When the sun was setting on the ge I"wa the Haisla knew that the oolican were coming. The geejwah (sun) is now the symbol of light of knowledge.

Our logo blends these elements together and was created by artist Lyle Wilson.

Our Logo is very important to our brand and therefore it is important that is it used correctly. We have provided a branding package that allows you to see our brand in use and how to correctly use it. Below you will be able to download resources to help you use our brand.

Kitamaat Valley Education Society is regulated by the Private Training Institutions Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training (PTIB).

Online courses are offered by BIS Training and not by Kitamaat Valley Education Society. Students will
register and pay course fees directly to BIS Training. These online courses do not require
approval under the Private Training Act; A student may not file a claim against the fund
with the trustee in respect to the course or program of instruction.


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