Bridging The Training Gap

Bridging Skill Gaps for a Prosperous Future!

At Kitamaat Valley Institute, we are dedicated to fostering growth and prosperity in the vibrant community of Kitimat. We understand the pivotal role that tailored training plays in shaping successful careers within the local industries. To further enhance our understanding and address the needs of our community, we are conducting a comprehensive survey.

Our primary goal is to pinpoint the existing gaps in training and education that can be addressed to meet the demands of the specific industries prevalent in Kitimat. We aim to discern precisely who is seeking this valuable training, ensuring that our programs align with the aspirations and needs of the individuals striving to succeed in their professional journeys.

Your insights are instrumental in steering our efforts towards building a skilled and empowered workforce, propelling the Kitimat community towards a prosperous and thriving future. Take a few moments to participate in our survey and help us shape a brighter tomorrow for all. Together, let's pave the way for a community enriched with opportunities and expertise.

Please fill out the bottom survey to the best of your knowledge.
Public Survey

Kitamaat Valley Education Society is regulated by the Private Training Institutions Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training (PTIB).

Online courses are offered by BIS Training and not by Kitamaat Valley Education Society. Students will
register and pay course fees directly to BIS Training. These online courses do not require
approval under the Private Training Act; A student may not file a claim against the fund
with the trustee in respect to the course or program of instruction.


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