3m Comprehensive Fall Protection

This one-day 3M course not only covers the fundamental principles of safe work at height but also delves into the intricacies of various fall protection systems. Participants will gain insights into system selection, proper setup, and usage, complemented by a range of instructional methods such as challenge questions, workbook exercises, and hands-on learning applications.

The curriculum is designed to equip attendees with the skills necessary for proper pre-use inspection, harness donning, system selection, and setup. The practical component of the course, including harness donning, inspection, and a written exam, takes place at the KVI campus during the afternoon session.

By participating in this comprehensive end-user program, individuals will develop a thorough understanding of fall protection tailored to their specific work at heights. The course identifies suitable fall protection options and empowers participants with the knowledge and tools required to work safely at elevated levels.

Delivered with energy and enthusiasm, the course features hands-on activities, video analysis, and a strong emphasis on student engagement. Led by experienced instructors, it ensures an enriching learning experience.

The course is tailored to meet specific jurisdictional regulations. Through our online endorsement service, students with valid certifications can augment their credentials by registering for jurisdiction-specific lessons. These lessons provide essential knowledge pertinent to selected jurisdictions, allowing individuals to obtain multiple endorsements and enhancing their understanding while promoting worker mobility and streamlining training efforts

Course Overview

Hazard identification
Regulatory bodies
Fall safety systems and planning
Shared and personal systems
Anchor points
Body holding devices
Horizontal lifelines (HLL), vertical lifelines (VLL), selfretracting lifelines (SRL)
Descent/rescue -overview
Equipment care
Hands-on workshops
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Course Calendar

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