3M Confined Space Training

The 3M Confined Space Safety Training Course, is designed to equip participants with fundamental knowledge and practical skills in confined space safety. This program covers essential topics such as the key principles of confined space safety, the responsibilities of both attendants and entrants and engaging case studies to reinforce learning. Additionally, the course features interactive workbook exercises and a hands-on practical exercise focusing on fall safety systems, emphasizing the importance of safe vertical entry techniques.

The training includes an in-person attendance portion for the crucial vertical access and fall protection practical component, along with a written examination at the KVES campus in Kitimat.

This course is ideal for professionals seeking in-depth understanding and practical expertise in confined space safety protocols.

Kitamaat Valley Education Society is regulated by the Private Training Institutions Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training (PTIB).

Online courses are offered by BIS Training and not by Kitimat Valley Institute. Students will
register and pay course fees directly to BIS Training. These online courses do not require
approval under the Private Training Act; A student may not file a claim against the fund
with the trustee in respect to the course or program of instruction.


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